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DinaminaJobs.info is a best and most trusted job vacancy and applications provider in Sri Lanka. So, Dinamina jobs provides many jobs types like Silumina Jobs, Lakbima Jobs, Silumina Jobs, divaina job vacancies, daily news job vacancy etc. and you can get model application to apply these job vacancies also.


This way provide assuming you have a following things


– You have a degree.

– You know what you are looking for.

– You are willing to get a job that reasonably suits your skill level.

– You have a fair idea of the type of compensation you would receive.

– You know the level of expertise you have.

– You have realistic expectations of yourself and the job market.

– You need to.


Then you need to


– Make a CV, write a generic Cover letter, and create a LinkedIn Profile.

Start applying for jobs.


– Make sure your CV does have all the wow things in it and it stands out (in a better way).

You have given correct phone number and other contact info.


– Your cell phone is not off or on silent and.


You will definitely find a good job.

Why are inventions so important?


Each small innovation generated changes in his life and in everyone’s. Whether it is a language system or a poem, they make the universe a different place.

Man & the Invention

• The first step of an invention is to imagine.

Generate visualization with our mind activating colors, situations and even places that we have never seen. We could say that when we imagine, we dream daydreams. Many times, the ideas for a film project, for a new transport machine or for an architectural form come from dream instances, that is, we receive ideas in our dreams that, later, we decided to apply to our life or our work. InventHelp Inventions This happens because while we sleep we do not have nor feel any barrier, then the mind and imagination are allowed to access at any level without judging and without limitation. In dreams we are free and, perhaps, freedom…

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Top 10 Ingenious Creations Ever Made


“This world is beautiful” is that an artificial robot from the hit series Westworld utters constantly. At first, she does not know that the world around her is artificial, but when she does get to learn the reality, she utters the same lines once again. Here are some inventions that truly prove how creative a person’s mind can actually be.

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